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Microfiche Readers Become a Thing of the Past...

The Microfiche Reader – It's Time To Let Go.microfiche-reader-machine

It's been the case since the origins of the microfiche that you need to seek out a microfiche reader to view it on. It makes sense, after all, you used to need a camera to put the film inside. But, like the regular film camera, it has been surpassed by digital. So, why should you still be looking around for a cumbersome machine just so you can view some microfiche on it? Incidentally the cost of a microfiche scanner can be between £2000 and £10000+ which is by no means a small fee, especially if you have under 100 of the films to view.

Think about it worth the cost of thousands of pounds for a microfiche reader?

The simple, and complete answer is, no. Companies like ourselves can scan your microfiche for a relatively low cost which we can then convert into digital images, indexed or names, however you wish. This is better than the standard microfiche reader for many different reasons:

  • Cost...

The cost of scanning and converting microfiche to a digital format using our microfiche scanning services will usually cost significantly less than the cost of a microfiche reader. Because we can complete the scanning and conversion very quickly, we can charge a lot less than you might expect, depending on the condition of the microfiche. Additionally, if you submit a large amount of microfiche, the cost will be lower because you're submitting them in bulk. Give us a call today or fill out the below form to get a free estimate.

  • Flexibility...

Another problem with the microfiche viewer is that it doesn't offer the ability to do contemporary tasks such as editing the original document, emailing or sharing. When you have your microfiche converted, they come to you as a fully usable PDF digital file which can be manipulated and exchanged as much as you want.

  • Space saving...

As you're reading this, I don't know how far you've got on your quest for a microfiche reader but you should know that they are pretty big. In fact, even the most modern of designs can be absolute beasts which take up a lot of room in an office. Converted microfiche are as big as a general high quality PDF is and the only room its taking is an extremely small piece of your hard drive or CD.

  • Easy access...

If you're planning on using a microfiche reader in the office, you will find that only one person can use it at a time. If you find that more than one person needs to use the viewer at once, then someone is going to be left to wait which could waste valuable time. With microfiche conversion as many people as you like can have digitised microfiche files open at once as long as they are stored on a network which all people in your office can access. You can also take the microfiche images wherever you go on a laptop, CD or memory stick.

The fact is that microfiche were originally made to save space and make the files easier to access but, like the typewriter, their time has passed. Now digital media has taken its place, it makes sense that the files should also be converted that way rather than needlessly buying an obsolete microfiche reader.

If you want to know more about our microfiche conversion services, or would like to make an order, please give us a call.

So, drop the Microfiche Reader and let us digitise your microfiche!

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Document Scanning by Pearl Scan

The Scan-do Peopletm

For more information feel free to give us a call: 
Nationwide: 0845 22 55 923      London: 0207 183 1885
Manchester: 0161 832 7991         Birmingham: 0121 285 1900


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slides scanning image

Scan to JPG (Home Premium Service)

This is the service that most (almost 90%) of our customers request and it is great for the home and family photos digitisation, preservation, prints and digital archive. All images are scanned in Jpg format.

Note: If you are a professional organisation and needs high resolution and larger output image sizes which may be required for high quality enlarged prints, billboard, wallpaper print, large digital display, please specify your negative scanning requirements and we will provide a bespoke scanning & digitisation quotation.

Image Enhancement Features included:

DIGITAL ICE - Removes Surface Defects (Fine setting)
DIGITAL SHO - Optimizes Contrast and Exposure
DIGITAL ROC - Restores and Corrects Colour

Technical Information:

Average File Size (colour): around 3-5Mb
Grain Noise Reduction: full Digital GEM
Cropping: automatic Full Film Image
Rotation: as per film
Colour Correction: full Digital ROC
Contrast and Exposure: full Digital SHO Technology
Inspection and touch up: full inspection

Single Cut 35mm Negatives = £1.25 per image


• We can scan Negatives, Positives and Monochrome 35mm negatives (single, strip, APS film roll) and please note that we do not scan parts of film strips, each strip must be scanned in full.
• Some negatives have white card or paper labels attached to one side of the negative strip, these must be removed or we can remove it for an additional surcharge fee.
• Please remove any stickers or labels attached to the negatives - we may apply additional charges to remove these for you.
• Films should be presented to us in sleeves or loose.
• Scanned images and folders are automatically numbered.

Special Image Indexing / Catalouging - If you would like for digital images or folders to be renamed (indexed) we recommend that you carry out this yourself once you received your scanned photographs (images) as you will know the image identification, title, description, event, date etc. better, so you can correctly name them. If required we can do this for you but due to the additional time it takes there will be a surcharge per image and it must be pre-arranged/quoted prior to any orders.
Specific Scanning Requirements- If you have any specific scanning requirements for your images, please ask for sample and request any changes. So we know exactly how you want your scans and you know exactly what you will be receiving, as making changes to scans after an order has been processed is not possible and will incur full re-scan charge.

DX code - Many films DX code can not be read accurately for many factors, for example; an incorrect strip cutting, dirty film, incompatible film format. We will use the DX code image ID where possible but when not available or can be captured accurately, images will be numbered (indexed) automatically as scanned.

Dirty Film - We avoid touching your film or negative, we use air blowers to remove surface dust but if the slides are dirty or sticky we can not clean this and it may be visible on the scans.
We use high end scanners and digital ICE image processing software to reduce the amount of dust and scratch marks on the digital image but we can not 100% guarantee that all marks will be removed, basically the quality of your digital scanned images relies on the quality of your original negatives and film.

Please remember that film is static and attracts dust. Monochrome images tend to be slightly worse for this effect due to the digital ICE negatives film scanning software not being available for monochrome images. Most of colour images come out without any noticeable marks, monochrome usually come out good too.

Photoshop Studio - Further digital image processing and enhancement (if required) can be attempted to remove and enhance your digital scans, in our Photoshop studio which is charged at £45.00 per hour (minimum 1 hour surcharge is applied).

Request a Quote  |   Contact Us   |    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Document Scanning by Pearl Scan

The Scan-do Peopletm

For more information feel free to give us a call: 
Nationwide: 0845 22 55 923      London: 0207 183 1885
Manchester: 0161 832 7991         Birmingham: 0121 285 1900

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Document Scanning 

Professional Document Scanning Services

Document Scanning is proving itself to be one of the most effective ways for a business to modernise and is a bi-product of the ability to be more efficient and save space and money. Unlike regular document scanning, when documents are scanned for organisations in bulk they are scanned in their hundreds every minutes utilising the latest technology. All documents are scanned, checked and processed into high quality recognisable formats such as PDF and TIFF. Read more about how Pearl Scan can help you with your document scanning needs.

Additional benefits of document scanning

On top of this, when documents are scanned they can also be indexed by particular criterias such as name, reference number, client ID and much more. They can also be converted to fully searchable documents through the use of OCR (optical character recognition) which recognises the characters on the page and adds an invisible layer containing the text so that it is findable and selectable.

About our document scanning service

Throughout the ten years we have been in business we have learnt and offered solutions to companies and organisations of all sizes. We take this into account with every single quote we send out, every company we consult and every job that we successfully complete. We have worked with the likes of Sky, BBC, NHS (Trusts, Practices and Hospitals), Environment Agency amongst many other recogniseable names.

If you're interested in Pearl Scan's scanning service, please give us a call on 0161 832 7991 so we can set you up with a quote, or please feel free to fill out our online quote request form.

What are the Features of Document Scanning and Digitizing?

Our documents scanning and digitizing service goes through two methods: scanning/conversion and indexing. Document scanning/conversion steps:

1. Document Preparation: Remove staples, bindings etc.
2. Document Scanning: Convert hardcopy to digital image.
3. Image Enhancement: De-skew, increase digital quality, image clean up etc.
4. Image Formats: TIFF compressed, PDF (200 dpi to 600 dpi).

At Pearl Scan Solutions we carefully analyse your goals and needs, conduct tests, and explore alternatives before designing and implementing the conversion process. We will also work with you to develop the right search solution for you.
We are a Document Scanning Bureau based in London and Manchester with more than 10 years' of experience in the UK, our scanning process goes through a strict supervision and we use the latest in image processing technology to guaranty the best results.

Request a Quote  |   Contact Us   |    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Document Scanning by Pearl Scan

The Scan-do Peopletm

For more information feel free to give us a call: 
Nationwide: 0845 22 55 923      London: 0207 183 1885
Manchester: 0161 832 7991         Birmingham: 0121 285 1900


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